“Trace Race” – A new racing game released by Technext Stuidos

The Future Of Racing Is Here, Draw Your Way Right There! Welcome to the next generation of racing – Trace Race. What comes on your mind when you think about racing games? We know what rings there, a fast and furious car which you’ll drive the tire out on the track. You know what we say? We say too mainstream! Now it’s time to drag and draw your route over the track and let your car do the rest. The faster you’ll drag, the faster the speed the car will gain. With 3 boosts that’ll allow you to go faster on straights, take sharp corners and go smooth on rough areas of the track- the fun and excitement never ends.This exciting racing game is brought to you by Technext Studios with intense but elegant graphics and suspenseful sound that will add another dimension to your racing experience. So, grab the game and happy racing. Trace Race
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Welcome to Technext

Greetings everyone!

This is team Technext welcoming you from Sylhet, Bangladesh. Technext launched its journey on 29th April 2012 with only two members. Now it has 16 members in total – 6 programmers, 6 developers and 3 designers. Take a look at our team.

Technext provides website development, web application development and mobile apps and games developments services to its client from different part of the World. Most of them are from USA, Canada, Australia and Europe.

We have three enthusiastic and dedicated teams – website development, web application development and mobile apps and games development team. Take a look at our portfolio.

From starting to now, we helped over 100 of clients to grow their business. We put our effort to make your dreams come true. We are very much professional and take care of our clients from starting to finishing of the project and provide support when necessary.

Thank you everyone for being with us.

How to change default source of jQuery in WordPress

WordPress is awesome, we know this all. A great thing about WordPress is that it comes locked and loaded with all kinds of JavaScript libraries, including jQuery. It also gives you the power to change the source of those libraries according to your needs. So as default WordPress loads jQuery from your server. You know that it’s always better to load jQuery from google CDN. Let’s say we want to relieve our server of some stress by switching WordPress’ version of jQuery for a hosted solution (or CDN version). We can very easily change the source of jQuery with this function: Three things are going on here. First, we’re using wp_deregister_script() to tell WordPress to forget about the version of jQuery currently being used. We then use wp_register_script() to re-register jQuery (as the script name), using jQuery’s own CDN version. Finally, we use wp_enqueue_script() to add jQuery to our theme or plugin. One thing to note here is that we’re using add_action() , not add_filter() , to add our scripts. Because we’re not making any changes to the content, but instead relying on WordPress to do something in order for our scripts to load, we use an action hook, not a filter hook.
But Jewel, Why you use // instead of , Would you please explain?
Ok Don’t worry, It’s a bless. if you use // the your browser will first search for a cache version of jQuery from the browser as most of the sites use jQuery so your browser will not download jQuery again and again. So your website’s page speed will be fast! You got it? Please let me know which cdn you use? Do you use default source of jQuery or use any CDN?
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