Brick Cracker

The Brief

Crack the brick, swish and flick! Here comes the ultimate breakout style paddle-ball game with custom map creation. Have you ever heard of a game called Dx-Ball? I know I did! Just kidding- I bet you did hear the name, you played it and were obsessed with it. Now how many times did you finish it? I bet once again that, a lot of times and you know all the levels, every detail of them. You know what else I can bet? I can bet that you are thriving to get some more levels, a lot of levels. God,if only you could design all the levels you want, no matter how many of them! I didn’t have to be a psychic to know all that, every die-hard Dx-Ball fan would want that. Well, time to clap your hands and get down to business! Brick cracker is here to give you the opportunity you longed for.

Good job guys! Having lots of fun of DX ball in my mobile.

Tarin Samsoon N


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